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  • Ownership rights 1 answer answered closed

    If a public agency uses a translation tool such as Memsource, who owns the translation data rights? The agency or the translation tool company?

    avatar Sarah at Sep 07, 2016 Legal
  • How to download available data 1 answer answered closed

    An earlier question asked "How do I download", and got the answer "the resources must through a validation process first". This answer I fully understand, and it probably holds for the (currently) 4 resources marked with "Under validation". 

    But how do I download the 21 resources that are marked as valid (i.e. marked with licenses)?

    avatar Trond Trosterud at Jul 15, 2016 Technical
  • how to download data 1 answer answered closed


    I am interested in downloading some data from the ELRC Repository for the purposes of training machine translation engines. Is there a facitiy for this and how can I access it.

    Thank you in advance, 

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    Pat Nagle





    avatar Pat Nagle at May 12, 2016 General management
  • ELRC vs. Meta-Share metadata 1 answer answered closed

    Hi! I was wondering whether the metadata schema used in ELRC resource description is the Meta-share available metadata schema? Are there significant changes? Thanks for your answer!

    avatar NĂºria at Mar 11, 2016 Metadata
  • How can the ELRC Helpdesk be reached? 1 answer answered closed


    avatar Anonymous at Jun 19, 2015 General management