Overview Section

Welcome on the ELRC Helpdesk!

The ELRC Helpdesk has been set up to answer the questions on Languages Resources and Tools that users (EC data users, data providers (public, commercial, non-governmental organisations), etc.) may want to ask.

The questions pertain to several topics :

  • Technical issues including language resource identification, preparation, processing and sharing; language resource formatting, encoding, language resource packaging, uploading, downloading, maintenance; support for basic data processing, such as data cleaning, alignment, processing evaluation, etc.;
  • legal aspects including general issues related  to data sharing, licensing models, IPR clearing, data privacy and confidentiality management, etc. ;
  • Meta-data issues including language resource identification, description, documentation, metadata usage, meta-data validation, metadata conversion (e.g. to LOD formats);
  • Any other issue not covered by the above topics

If you wish to ask a question, please do so by clicking the button « +new question ». Upon receipt, your question will be processed and answered within 24 hours (simple query) to 5 days (complex query). You will receive regular emails with information on your question. If you would like to follow the question(s) online, you can register and login to access your personal space on the Helpdesk.

Check here for contact information to reach ELRC Helpdesk: https://lr-coordination.eu/helpdesk