Ownership rights

If a public agency uses a translation tool such as Memsource, who owns the translation data rights? The agency or the translation tool company?


  • Here we assume that the text to be translated is owned by the public agency, the public agency does not outsource the translations to a translation agency but does this "internally" using some  tools made available by third parties like Memsource:

    Tool company:
    Clearly  the translation tool company does not and cannot claim ownership on data but one should carefully read the terms of use ,
    for instance this is true for Memsource that stipulates in the Terms of use of its Cloud: (http://wiki.memsource.com/wiki/Memsource_Cloud_-_Terms_of_Service)

    Your Content

    Keeping Your Content private, confidential and secure, is our utmost priority. Your Content submitted to Memsource Cloud will remain Your sole property, including the translations of Your Content. Memsource will not use Your Content for any purpose other than to inform You of and provide You with Memsource Cloud services.

    Scenario 2: if the public agency outsources the translations to a Translation Agency that uses tools provided by third parties:
    We assume that the tool company acts like indicated in the previous scenario.
    In principle the Translation agency acting as service provider (subcontractor) has to comply with your subcontract or agreement ; some agencies would send back the translated text (formatted as you asked .doc, .pdf, xml etc) but also the translation memories, term bases etc. BUT THIS DEPEND ON YOUR AGREEMENT; as this may require more work the agency may charge for it;
    but in principle the translations should be your property, and and all "intermediates/derivatives" work.