ELRC vs. Meta-Share metadata

Hi! I was wondering whether the metadata schema used in ELRC resource description is the Meta-share available metadata schema? Are there significant changes? Thanks for your answer!


  • The schema is a very simplified version of the META-SHARE schema, covering only text resources and, even for them, most of the components have been left out, in order to make the editor easier to use. Some additions specific to ELRC have also been made (e.g. compatibility of use of the data for DSIs) and we have implemented mechanisms for some condition-dependent elements (e.g. when the user selects standard licences, the appropriate conditionsOfUse are filled in automatically).
    We have not made a documentation of the schema itself, since the editor guides the user through the filling in of the elements and the definitions for the elements are shown on it. There are two things you can use:
    - the XSD which is on http://elrc-share.ilsp.gr/ELRC-SHARE_SCHEMA/v1.0/ (always start with META-SHARE-Resource.xsd which includes all the others; the root is again the resourceInfo element) and
    - the walkthrough for editors, once finalized, will also be included at the repo site.

    Please, note that the editor is meant to be used only by the ELRC consortium or designated personnel of the NAPs. Simple contributors (e.g. public officers) that want to donate data use a simple contribution form where they fill in a resource title, description and upload the file; the designated editors will then fill in the remaining information.