What are the benefits of sharing language data?

What are the benefits of sharing language data? Is there a corresponding list summarising the benefits available?


  • The right kind of data needed for MT is language data. Basically:
    • Any electronically stored text in an EU language plus Norwegian and Icelandic
    • Texts and their translations (i.e. parallel bilingual or multilingual)
    • List of terms and their translations, i.e. a terminology
    The right domains covered by the public services in Europe are:
    • The administrative/regulatory domain
    • The topics relevant to the CEF DSIs:
    • Consumers’ rights, complaints (Online Dispute Resolution)
    • Social security, insurance (Electronic Exchange of Social Security Information)
    • Public procurement, contractual agreements (eProcurement)
    • Justice, Law (European e-Justice Portal)
    • Health, Medicine (eHealth)
    • Business, market (Business Registers Interconnection System)
    • Internet (Safer Internet & Cybersecurity)
    • Open Data (Open Data Portal)
    • Culture (Europeana)
    What are the benefits of sharing language data?
    • increase the coverage for the content and the language(s) that pertain to your administration
    • optimize the performance of eTranslation, thus returning translated content to you with more quickly and more accurately
    • benefit from the data pertaining to your domain donated by other public administrations
    • benefit from legal support if needed
    • access to the resources made publicly available through ELRC-Share at https://elrc-share.eu
    • reduce efforts and costs needed for the production of new pieces of data