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  • Copyright and privacy protection of LR for sharing 1 answer answered closed

    There are several legal questions and concerns for translators who may want to share their translation memories - in particular how to get the TM (language resources) legally "ready" for sharing. This includes in particular the following issues:

    1. How to prepare TMs as they typically contain names, phone numbers and other personal information. Also, the meta-data typically contains information about the translator in charge (personal data). How to deal with this?
    2. How can privacy protection be implemented in such cases?
    3. What is the situation of the tmx as regards the copyright? How is this ensured?

    avatar ELRC Secretariat (on behalf of BMI) at Feb 15, 2018 Legal
  • Ownership rights 1 answer answered closed

    If a public agency uses a translation tool such as Memsource, who owns the translation data rights? The agency or the translation tool company?

    avatar Sarah at Sep 07, 2016 Legal
  • Which are the Legal issues covered by the ELRC helpdesk? 1 answer answered closed


    avatar Anonymous at Jun 19, 2015 Legal, General management